[argobots-discuss] Announcing the release of Argobots 1.1rc1

Iwasaki, Shintaro siwasaki at anl.gov
Mon Mar 15 09:49:07 CDT 2021

Dear Argobots Users and Developers,

A new preview release of 1.1rc1 is now available for download.
Argobots 1.1rc1 fixed several bugs found by Coverity and a new resource leak testing suite that focuses on error handling paths.
Argobots synchronization operations on external threads (=Pthreads) are enhanced by futex.

You can find the release on our downloads page (https://www.argobots.org/downloads/).

If no significant issues are found, we will release Argobots 1.1 this month.
If you find any issues or have any feature requests, please let us know by creating a GitHub issue.

We thank all the Argobots users and developers for supporting us.

Best Regards,
The Argobots team

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