[argobots-discuss] modifying scheduler event frequency?

Phil Carns carns at mcs.anl.gov
Wed Apr 14 15:56:26 CDT 2021

Heh, I guess while I'm making a wish list I would like to be able to 
enable the tool interface as well, for the same reasons (so that we can 
reproduce a complex spack build stack except for replacing a standard 
argobots install with one that has extra profiling and debugging 

Sorry, that's all off topic from my original question, but I wanted to 
mention this while I'm thinking about it.



On 4/14/21 4:42 PM, Phil Carns via discuss wrote:
> I guess I'll use this as an opportunity to request/suggest that the 
> libunwind capability be added as a variant to the argobots spack 
> package (along with a way to enable future mprotect / stack canary 
> checks).

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