[argobots-discuss] Announcing the release of Argobots 1.1

Iwasaki, Shintaro siwasaki at anl.gov
Thu Apr 1 07:30:39 CDT 2021

Dear Argobots Users and Developers,

We are excited to announce that a new stable release of Argobots 1.1 is now available for download.

Argobots 1.1 added numerous features such as tool interface, extended work-unit data access routines, improved affinity interface, and stack unwinding for debugging.  Argobots 1.1 fixed several bugs and clarified the behavior of each API.  Production environments are encouraged to upgrade to this release.

All the changes from Argobots 1.0 are summarized here: https://www.argobots.org/changes/argobots_1_1/

Please find the tarball on our downloads page: https://www.argobots.org/downloads/

We thank all the Argobots users and developers for supporting us.

Best Regards,
The Argobots team

                               Changes in 1.1

- Added a tool interface to support a profiler (see ABTX_prof)
- Supported the stack unwinding feature
- Implemented static initializers for ABT_mutex and ABT_cond
- Improved work-unit-local storage support
- Added several utility functions
- Improved support for affinity settings via an environmental variable
- Enhanced memory management of ULT stacks and descriptors
- Used futex when external threads call Argobots synchronization operations
- Revised the API specification
- Added support for XLC, PGI, Solaris, and ARM HPC compilers
- Supported Autoconf 2.70
- Fixed several bugs

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