[argobots-discuss] compatibility with ASAN?

Iwasaki, Shintaro siwasaki at anl.gov
Wed Aug 26 12:08:52 CDT 2020

Hi Phil,

Yes, now Argobots should work with GCC/Clang's AddressSanitizer.
As far as we tested, Argobots should work with GCC-9.1.0 and Clang-10.0.0, but it should work with older GCC/Clang compilers, too.

Note that this support is not "official" since user-level context-switching is not normal and can break AddressSanitizer.
It might not work on some systems if their OSs/architectures employ special protection mechanisms.

Even on x86/64+Linux, some info functions (e.g., stack dump by ABT_info_print_thread_stack())
cause an error with AddressSanitizer since memory (for example, ULT stack) is not fully initialized.
If you need special support for these info functions with AddressSanitizer
(although these info functions are rarely used), please let us know.


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Are applications built with argobots expected to work correctly with GCC's AddressSanitizer?

I just noticed that asan is used in the automated builds (because it was mentioned in a github ticket), but I did not realize that was a possibility.

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