[argobots-discuss] Announcing the v1.0rc1 releases of BOLT and Argobots

Amer, Abdelhalim aamer at anl.gov
Fri Nov 9 12:10:16 CST 2018


The BOLT/Argobots team is pleased to announce the availability of new 
release versions of BOLT and Argobots (bolt-v1.0rc1 and argobots-v1.0rc1).
These contain several new features, and performance optimizations, and 
bug fixes over the previous 1.0b1 releases. Among the biggest features 
are the BOLT upgrade to LLVM OpenMP 7.0, supporting most of OpenMP 4.5, 
and production integration of the new Argobots dynamic promotion 
technique (which will  presented at SC'18).

We encourage users to upgrade to these latest releases.

Tarballs can be found either on the BOLT and Argobots websites
(bolt-omp.org and argobots.org), on GitHub (pmodels/bolt and
pmodels/argobots), or on the SOLLVE website.

Best regards,

The BOLT/Argobots Team

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